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Our speaker is one of the most important speakers that works indoors and outdoors, and it can be used as a monitor on stage. This speaker comes with a unique design with a scratch-resistant, waterproof coating. This speaker is suitable for working in the humid coastal environment. The speaker is made of playwood, which needs no introduction. Plywood gives the speaker durability, distinctive sound, and light weight compared to other woods. The raw materials in this speaker are also strong. The woofer in this speaker is moisture-resistant and has a wide magnet that carries a distinctive bass sound. The accessory that supports the speaker is distinguished by the grille covered with TW Audio cotton, which gives the speaker a different taste. Technical specifications of the speaker:
Rated power: 500W (RMS)
Peak power: 1000W
Driver: LF 15' / HF 3'
Impedance: 8Ohms
Sensitivity: 99dB (1W/1M)
Max SPL: 133dB
Directivity: H60*V40
Frequency response: 55Hz - 20KHz
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